Durable Goods


Ladders, drums, automotive batteries, nameplates…Yeah, we’ve got that covered!

ELC offers unique high performance material solutions specifically designed for the durable goods market.

At ELC, we specialize in durable pressure sensitive materials that last the lifetime of the product – whether you need your label to last five years or fifty years, we’ve got that covered.  Our specialty label team understands that each project comes with specific challenges and requirements and we design a solution that can meet and exceed those requirements.  That’s why we partner with you from start to finish and beyond to understand your end users’ demands, then create a custom solution uniquely for that application.  Our products can be tailored and designed to create a durable full construction solution that will perform and fit your specific purpose! 

No durable goods challenge is too big or small for ELC!  We offer specialized facestocks, liners, and of course, stock and custom adhesives that adhere to a wide variety of difficult to label substrates such as, oily, rough plastics, rubber and many other and can still hold up under fierce environmental conditions.

At ELC, we specialize in making sure your unique durable goods needs are met so you can be confident you’re choosing the right label solution for your application.  So relax, we’ve got that covered! 


EFM-0138.pdf   1.0 Mil Clear Polyester CT/ EP-14/ 78#

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We Accept the Pressure-Sensitive Challenge!

There's no pressure sensitive film order too big or too small, too challenging or too easy, or too unique. Give the pressure-sensitive pros a chance to quote your specification today!